Genesis Book Introduction NKJV

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    The First part of Genesis focuses on the beginning and spread of sin in the world and culminates in the devastating flood in the days of Noah.

    The second part of the book focuses on God’s dealing with one man. Abraham, through whom God promises to bring salvation and blessing to this world. Abraham and his descendants learn firsthand that it is always safe to trust the Lord in times of famine and feasting, blessings and bondage. From Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob God’s promises begin to come to fruition in a great nation possessing a great land.

    Genesis is a Greek word meaning, Origin, Source, generation or beginning.  The original Hebrew title Bereshith means In the Beginning.

    The literary structure of Genesis is clear and is built around eleven separate units, Genealogies, Heaven and Earth, Adam, Noah, Sons of Noah, Shem, Terah, Ishmael, Isaac, Esau and Jacob.