Ifaiah (Isaiah)(IX, 9):6-7 Comparing Geneva 1560 Edition, Geneva 1599 Patriot’s Edition, Darby, ASV, YLT, KJV Guiding Light Good Counsel 1956, Original Tongues ABS 1856, Message Remix, HB Jesus Victorian 1873, Original Tongues ASV Nelson 1901, Oxford Self-Pronouncing, KJV Holman Self-Pronouncing

Ifaiah (Isaiah) (IX, 9):6-7 Geneva 1560 Edition For vnto vs a Childe is borne, vnto vs a fonne is guie; & be the gouernment is vpo his fhulder, & he fhal call his name Wonderful, Coufeller, The mightie God, The euerlaftig Father, The prince of peace, The increafe of his gouernment and peace fhal haue […]

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